The beauty from Korea uses Gluthea

Radiantly Beautiful

For a lighter and healthier skin.

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— Jinri Park, Artist/Model

What is Gluthea Complex DR?

For a better you

It is a dietary supplement designed to provide nutritional support for detoxification and better immune function. It contains L-Glutathione, N-Acetyl Cystein (NAC), Collagen, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamin C. These antioxidants provide the body the necessary defense against harmful free radicals therefore making the skin look lighter and whiter. It likewise helps the liver function better.

Health Benefits

  • Helps make the skin lighter, smoother, and with a rosy even tone.

  • Helps delay aging

  • Helps liver detoxification

  • Provides anti-oxidant protection

  • Supports immune function and production of Glutathione

  • Facilitates the production of cellular energy